Most Suggested And Popular Email Tools In 2021

In the digital marketing toolbox, email marketing is a basic tool used by every digital marketer. Well experienced and successful email marketers worldwide make use of the finest email tools with an aim to enhance different aspects of their email marketing activities. They explore everything about the recent updates of the email tools and reveal the best email tools to others. As a beginner to email marketing, you can consider the following details explaining the popular spam tools. You will make a good decision to find and use the right email tool on time. 


Convertkit is designed to assist its users to share what they like to connect with their followers and develop the business in the competitive sector. The free plan of this email tool lets users to begin building their audience and reap benefits from exclusive features like landing page templates and facilities to manage up to 1,000 subscribers. The most outstanding nature of this tool gives users the flexibility and fluidity desired in the overall creation and execution of the email campaign. 

All users of this email tool get the maximum performance and also improved productivity. They save their priceless time due to its automation feature. You can choose and use this tool as per your wishes. This is because this tool is functional, powerful, and easy to use. Once you have decided to use the first-class email tool and create professional emails which convert, you can prefer and use it. You can view the entire layout of the funnel because it automation feature.   

Email Octopus 

Email Octopus is designed to provide all the important elements required for the effective email marketing as well as automation. All plans of this email tool follow the fishy theme. The Shrimp free plan of this email tool lets users to run the email campaign with emails including the branding of the Email Octopus. The overall sending stats kept for ninety days. 

The paid plans let email and automation, keep the stats forever, and send unbranded emails.  Every user of this email tool can access to the best email marketing templates, upload their own with any limitation on the number of template. You can also use this tool to send simple and customized plain text emails or attractively designed newsletters. 

The hosted forms in this email tool assist users to collect email addresses devoid of any complex code and integration. You will be happy to use the real-time analytics on the email campaign with this tool.


Campayn is rich in drag and drop feature. If you like to set the perfect backdrop for the email message, then you can use this email tool. This tool assists you to get a good backdrop with an impressive design of the email message which reflects the brand. You can design your own thing or use one of the most suitable templates built-in.  A contact manager in this email tool lets users to keep their contacts up-to-date. You can also use this feature to track how these contacts interact with your emails. 

A hassle-free method to segment the email list makes users of this email tool satisfied. This well-known email tool provides several choices for successfully designing the sign-up forms like the hosted forms, website forms, Facebook forms, and pop-up lightbox forms.  All users of this email tool automate their popular email marketing campaigns as per the triggers for the key customer actions. 


MailChimp is a popular email tool and updated by an experienced team on a regular basis. You can research the complete features and benefits of this email tool right now. This all-in-one email marketing platform makes its users happy at all times. The overall quality of free offering of this email tool increases its success rate. 

You can get more than expected email marketing features in the free plan of this email tool. You will be satisfied with this tool’s features associated with a wide range of email marketing channels, social posting, pop-up forms, Facebook and Instagram ads, and landing pages.  You can read honest reviews of this email tool and pay attention to testimonials from existing users. You will find how to effectively use this email tool on a regular basis.